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Full text searching FREE with IOP (FU Lic 3/150):

(Note: access via WWW browsers is possible only when their settings for 'PROXY' are switched off)


On behalf of the Institute of Physics (IOP), I'm pleased to announce that full text searching is now available in their Electronic Journals service. The facility is free to use and enables you to search the entire archive back to 1874!

Access to the full text of articles identified in your search results is subject to subscription status. However if our institution doesn't subscribe to the source journal, we will be able to access the abstracts at the very least.

In addition to the article abstracts, the full text is also free for:

* Every paper published in their journals in the last 30 days
* Novel and significant articles chosen by their Editors for IOP Select (

Search the full text of every IOP article since 1874

You can run free full text searches at by entering your search terms in the 'Search full text of articles' field. Any articles containing your search terms will then be listed on the search results page.

Where you have full text access to the articles in your search results, you will be able to identify where your search terms appear in each PDF by using the Acrobat 'Find' tool to locate them. To do this, simply open the PDF, click on the button displaying the binoculars icon and enter your search terms again.

Cluster your search results

Don't forget that when searching their Electronic Journals you can also cluster your search results by topic - a popular alternative to their standard search results list. Clustering your search results enables you to browse and find articles of interest more efficiently. This innovative feature, which uses technology from Vivisimo, can be activated on the search page by clicking on the 'Cluster your results by topic' box at the top of the screen.

IOP´s Electronic Journals search facility, at, is accompanied by a useful Help page at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Electronic Products Helpdesk at


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