Diversity in the Cultures of Physics - A European Summer School Series for Women Physicists

A bilateral exchange programme for women physicists who aspire to a PhD.

Summer School 2018: Sheffield - Manchester - Berlin (06.08.2018 - 19.08.2018)  

The Summer School is a successful project of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 'Diversity in the Cultures of Physics'. Every year two Summer Schools are held, each of them in two different countries.

 In a four week programme in two countries the participants get the opportunity to:

  • gain an insight into the variety of research fields of women physicists in Europe
  • establish contacts which may result in future collaborations and stays abroad while pursuing their graduate work
  • get to know the professional networks in physics
  • learn about national and international equality oriented advancement programs for young female scientists
  • become familiar with work place cultures of physics in actual cultural, political and everyday context
  • learn about equality politics at European universities and research institutions
  • learn about the role of gender and diversity in physics
  • recognize and explore the diversity in the cultures of physics.


The Summer School builds on, intensifies and initiates networks on several levels:

  • peer to peer between the participants
  • international between the participating universities
  • transgenerational between the students and the involved teachers
  • interdisciplinary between scholars from physics and gender studies
  • between physicists and equality officers and representatives from funding institutions.


 In each country the programme includes the following events:

  • Lectures and visits to research groups in the Physics Department of the university
  • Visits to other research institutions and universities in the region
  • Contacts to equality-oriented institutions and activities at the universities and cooperating institutions as well as in the national associations and foundations,
  • Lectures and discussions on gender & science studies.

 For more information see the Concept.

Berlin - Barcelona Summer School 2017

One of the Summer Schools 2017 was organized in Barcelona and Berlin.

Sheffield - Manchester - Uppsala Summer School 2017

Summer School:  July 31 - August 25, 2017 Sheffield:               July 31 - August 4, 2017 Manchester:          August 7 - 11, 2017 Uppsala:               August 14 - 25, 2017 “I personally attended the school because I was wondering about the lack of women in my field of research, and I finished the school with a much more objective vision in my academic surroundings and where focus and work needs to be done. It is our duty to keep changing our environment to the ...

Berlin - Uppsala Summer School 2016

In 2016 the Summer School was established as a bilateral and annual exchange program for young physicists in the transition phase from Master to PhD studies.

Pilot Project in 2012: Berlin - Uppsala Summer School

The first Summer School was launched by the Department of Physics at Freie Universität Berlin. The German-Swedish exchange program for 2012 was realized in co-operation with the Physics Department at Uppsala University.