Advanced Theoretical Biophysics

Dozenten: Ana-Nicoleta Bondar
Sprache: Englisch

19.10.2011 bis 15.02.2012


Mi 16 - 18 Uhr - Arnimallee 14 Seminarraum E1 (1.1.26)  (Lecture)

Mo 10-12 Uhr - Arnimallee 14 Seminarraum E1 (1.1.26)  (Seminar)


Terminhinweis: The seminar starts on October 24.

Days scheduled for work on the HLRN Supercomputing Cluster:

November 21, November 28, December 5

All seminars involving computer simulations will be held in S.R. 1.3.23

Inhalt: The lecture gives an introduction into current theoretical biophysics methods and applications. Specific topics that will be addressed include force-fields for biomolecules, protein conformational dynamics, modeling of chemical reactions, continuum electrostatics methods, and basic bioinformatics methods.

The seminar consists of practical computational work and critical discussions of recent research papers.

Literatur: H. Kuhn and H.D. Försterling, Principles of Physical Chemistry. John Wiley & Sons 2000

V.A. Parsegian, Van der Waals Forces. A Handboock for biologists, chemists, engineers, and physicists. Cambridge 2006

K.E. van Holde, W.C. Curtis, and P.S. Ho, Principles of Physical Biochemistry. Prentice Hall 1998

D.J. Wales, Energy Landscapes - With applications to clusters, biomolecules, and glasses. Cambridge 2003


Additional literature will be indicated during the lecture.