Zhiyong Liang

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Department of Physics

Institute of Experimental Physics

Biophysics and Photosynthesis

Address Arnimallee 14
Room 0.2.01
14195 Berlin
Telephone (030) 838-53593

As a Cantonese from China, I finished my bachelor degree of engineering in Shenzhen University and then worked in industry for years. Afterwards I achieved my master degree of natural science in physics in Umea University, Sweden. After my thesis project in laser spectroscopy in the group of Prof. Ove Axner, I have been doing my PhD study here in AG Dau since April 2013. My research area is co-solvent and ion effects on the function of photosystem II of plants and cyanobacteria, in the project of SFB 1078.

In my leisure time, I am an active badminton player in the club of Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and participate local tournament during season. Meanwhile I also favor sports like football and swimming.