Symposium on cavity-optomechanics

On November 19, Tobias Kippenberg will be awarded the Klung-Wilhelmy award for his work on cavity opto-mechanics (for details on the festivities, see this link). This is a field of research that investigates the interaction between light and mechanical degrees of freedom on low-energy scales. As such, it brings together methods and ideas of quantum optics, condensed-matter physics, materials science, and quantum information. The key motivations for this research are arising from both fundamental as well as technological considerations. After all, such systems allow for the study of quantum effects in mechanical systems at the micro- or nano-scale, offering insights into quantum mechanics of macroscopic systems and even the intertwinement of quantum theory and gravity.

This is the occasion of a scientific symposium on this exciting field of research, held on November 20. A number of distinguished speakers could be won for this event:

Our research group will host the event.

Lecture theatre B, Henry-Ford-Building

  • 9:30: Welcome
  • 9:40: Tobias Kippenberg:
    Real time quantum feedback and optomechanical reservoir engineering of micro-mechanical motion
  • 10:25: Ignacio Wilson-Rae:
    Nano-optomechanics with embedded quantum emitters
  • 11:10: Coffee break
  • 11:25: Klemens Hammerer:
    Entangled opto-mechanics - from superconducting circuits to gravitational wave
  • 12:10: Albert Schliesser:
    Nanomechanical membrane transducers in the classical and quantum regime
  • 12:55 End