The European road map on quantum technologies is published

The European road map on quantum technologies goes to press in form of an extended summary on the preprint server and the New Journal of Physics.

News from Nov 16, 2017

Two talks at QIP

The group will give two talks at QIP 2018 in Delft on statistical ensembles without typicality and on the third law as a single inequality.

News from Nov 09, 2017

Nelly Ng and Nick Tarantino join the group

Nicolas Tarantino from Stony Brook and Nelly Ng from TU Delft join the group as a DFG postdoc and Humboldt fellow, respectively. They have strong research backgrounds in notions of topological order, tensor networks and phases of matter and quantum information theory and quantum thermodynamics, ...

News from Nov 05, 2017

Work on topological quantum computing in PRX

Work on "topological topological quantum computing", establishing color codes as providing a natural setting in which advantages offered by topological hardware can be combined with those arising from topological error correcting software, for fault-tolerant quantum computing is published in the ...

News from Sep 20, 2017

Work on coherence in PRL

Work on the structure of the resource theory of coherence is published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Sep 04, 2017

Work on holography in PRL

Work on quantum source-channel codes and holography is published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Jul 18, 2017

A week with several visitors

We have enjoyed a week with several exciting visitors: Shinsei Ryu from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Daniel Gottesman and Lucy Liuxuan Zhang from the Perimeter Institute, Mick Bremner from the University of Technology Sydney and Peter Jung from the nearby Hertz Institute.

News from Jun 25, 2017

Humboldt and Marie-Curie

Nelly Ng (TU Delft), Roberto DiCandia (Berlin and Bilbao) win a Humboldt scholarship. Nathan Walk (Oxford) earns a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action scholarship. Congratulations to this amazing success.

News from Jun 09, 2017

Five talks at TQC2017

Our group contributes 5 out of 32 talks at TQC 2017 on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography, will be held in Paris on 14-16 June 2017.

News from May 30, 2017

Work on tomography in Nature Communications

Recent work on using compressed sensing tools to perform reliable quantum state tomography of approximately low-rank quantum states in a system of seven trapped ions has been published in the Nature Communications. This theoretical-experimental collaboration with the IQOQI in Innsbruck, the ...

News from May 20, 2017

First issue of Quantum published

The first 10 publications of Quantum – the open journal for quantum science - go online. Quantum is an open access peer-reviewed journal for quantum science and related fields. Quantum is non-profit and community-run: an effort by researchers and for researchers to make science more open and ...

News from May 01, 2017

Richard Kueng joins for the summer

Richard Kueng joins the group for the summer, coming from the University of Cologne. Warm welcome!

News from May 01, 2017

Work on quantum illumination in PRL

Work on using quantum estimation methods for quantum illumination has been published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Feb 21, 2017

Work on the random Hamiltonians in CMP

Random quantum processes play a central role both in the study of fundamental mixing processes in quantum mechanics related to equilibration, thermalisation and fast scrambling by black holes, as well as in quantum process design and quantum information theory. In this work, we present a framework ...

News from Feb 21, 2017

Work on tensor networks for quantum chemistry in PRL

Work on making use of tensor networks to tackle problems of interacting fermionic quantum systems in quantum chemistry is published in the Physical Review Letters. Tensor network states and specifically matrix-product states have proven to be a powerful tool for simulating ground states of strongly ...

News from Nov 20, 2016

Kick off of project on entangled states of matter

The kick off meeting of the new CRC 183 on "entangled states of matter" takes place on the island of Langeoog in the Nothern Sea. Our group presents material on capturing topological order with tensor network states.

News from Nov 17, 2016

Work on equilibration in PRL

New work that is concerned with a general statement on the mechanism and the times required for equilibration of quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium is published in PRL. The assumptions made a short-ranged correlations of the initial state and having a non-interacting Hamiltonian that ...

News from Nov 07, 2016

TQC 2016 in Berlin

The conference TQC 2016 on quantum computation, communication and cryptography took place in Berlin, hosted by our group. It was great fun. The quality of the talks was extraordinary, it seems fair to say. Thanks so much for coming to those who made their way to Berlin. (A press release in German ...

News from Sep 29, 2016

Announcing Quantum – the open journal for quantum science

We announce the launch of an arXiv overlay journal for quant-ph. Quantum will be a free and open access publishing option, providing high visibility for quality research on quantum science. Quantum is an effort by researchers and for researchers to make science more open and publishing more ...

News from Jul 18, 2016

Work on dissipative quantum dynamics in PRL

Work on simulating dissipative quantum many-body systems - in a positive tensor network approach for simulating open quantum many-body systems - is published in the Physical Review Letters.

News from Jun 04, 2016