2017 and preprints

          • Experimental quantum compressed sensing for a seven-qubit system
            C. A. Riofrio, D. Gross, S. T. Flammia, T. Monz, D. Nigg, R. Blatt, J. Eisert
            Nature Communications, in press (2017)

          • Direct certification of a class of quantum simulations
            D. Hangleiter, M. Kliesch, M. Schwarz, J. Eisert
            Quantum Science and Technology 2, 015004 (2017)

          • Mixing properties of stochastic quantum Hamiltonians
            E. Onorati, O. Buerschaper, M. Kliesch, W. Brown, A. H. Werner, J. Eisert
            Communications in Mathematical Physics, in press (2017)

          • Quantum estimation methods for quantum illumination
            M. Sanz, U. Las Heras, J. J. Garcia-Rippoll, E. Solano, R. Di Candia
            Physical Review Letters 118, 070803 (2017)

          • Emergence of spontaneous symmetry breaking in dissipative lattice systems
            H. Wilming, M. J. Kastoryano, A. H. Werner, J. Eisert
            Journal of Mathematical Physics 58, 033302 (2017)

          • An efficient quantum algorithm for spectral estimation
            A. Steffens, P. Rebentrost, I. Marvian, J. Eisert, S. Lloyd
            New Journal of Physics 19, 033005 (2017)

          • Approximating local observables on projected entangled pair states
            M. Schwarz, O. Buerschaper, J. Eisert

          • Fermionic topological quantum states as tensor networks
            C. Wille, O. Buerschaper, J. Eisert

          • Quantum coherence as a resource
            A. Streltsov, G. Adesso, M. B. Plenio

          • Quantum singular value decomposition of non-sparse low-rank matrices
            P. Rebentrost, A. Steffens, S. Lloyd

          • Quantum source-channel codes
            F. Pastawski, J. Eisert, H. Wilming

          • Entanglement negativity bounds for fermionic Gaussian states
            J. Eisert, V. Eisler, Z. Zimborás

          • Fault tolerant dynamical decoders for topological quantum memories
            M. Herold, M. J. Kastoryano, E. T. Campbell, J. Eisert

          • Experimentally accessible witnesses of many-body localisation
            M. Goihl, M. Friesdorf, A. H. Werner, W. Brown, J. Eisert

          • Contextuality as a resource for qubit quantum computation
            J. Bermejo-Vega, N. Delfosse, D. E. Browne, C. Okay, R. Raussendorf

          • Equivalence between contextuality and negativity of the Wigner function for qudits
            N. Delfosse, C. Okay, J. Bermejo-Vega, D. E. Browne, R. Raussendorf

          • Nonlocality free wirings and the distinguishability between Bell boxes
            R. Gallego, L. Aolita

          • Code properties from holographic geometries
            F. Pastawski, J. Preskill

          • Quantum illumination unveils cloaking
            U. Las Heras, R. DiCandia, K. G. Federov, F. Deppe, M. Sanz, E. Solano

          • Quantum estimation methods for quantum illumination
            M. Sanz, U. Las Heras, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll, E. Solano, R. Di Candia

          • Algorithmic quantum simulation of memory effects
            U. Alvarez-Rodriguez, R. Di Candia, J. Casanova, M. Sanz, E. Solano
            Physical Review A 95, 020301 (2017)

          • Multi-partite entanglement
            M. Walter, D. Gross, J. Eisert

          • Reliable recovery of hierarchically sparse signals and application in machine-type communications
            I. Roth, M. Kliesch, G. Wunder, J. Eisert

          • Maximal coherence and the resource theory of purity
            A. Streltsov, H. Kampermann, S. Woelk, M. Gessner, D. Bruss

          • Architectures for quantum simulation showing quantum supremacy
            J. Bermejo-Vega, D. Hangleiter, M. Schwarz, R. Raussendorf, J. Eisert

          • Axiomatic characterization of the quantum relative entropy and free energy
            H. Wilming, R. Gallego, J. Eisert