Quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium

Closed quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium pose several long-standing problems in physics. Recent years have seen a tremendous progress in approaching these questions, not least due to experiments with cold atoms and trapped ions in instances of quantum simulations. We work on various topics related to the dynamical equilibration and thermalisation of closed quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium due to quenches and ramps, as well as on notions of transport, many-body localisation, and universality near phase transitions.

Research in the group is two-pronged: On the one hand, we are aiming for a rigorous understanding of out-of-equilibrium properties of quantum many-body systems from the perspective of mathematical physics. On the other, we closely collaborate with leading experimentalists performing experiments with ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices or on top of atom chips, constituting sophisticatedly controlled quantum simulators for the research questions at hand.

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