SoSe 16 Selected Topics

The goal of basic research is to increase the knowledge about fundamental principles and to search for new phenomena. However, in many (mostly unpredicted) cases, these findings lead to important technological applications. In this seminar, students will search and present such examples, which arose from intriguing findings of modern physics mainly based on solid state research. The talk should cover the physical concepts, the circumstances of the discovery of the particular effect and its way to application.

The seminar will take place on Mondays 16-18 in seminar room T2 (1.4.03).

The abstracts and the slides of the talks will be places here.



Seminar speaker


18.04.16 Katharina Franke Presentation Guidelines and Selection of Topics
25.04.16  all Discussion of topics
09.05.16  Can Cagincan Giant Magneto Resistance
23.05.16  Matteo Werth H2 production with semiconductors
30.05.16  Marlen Kruse Blue LED
06.06.16  Kelvin Yao Organic solar cells
13.06.16  Alexandra Papadigianni Gas sensors
20.06.16  Sonakshi Arora  3D printing of Graphene-Based Supercapacitors
27.06.16 Muhammad Khussan  SQUID
04.07.16  Andres Martinez de Velasco Quantum computing

 Philipp Behrendt

Mustafa Emre

Semiconductor devices

Liquid Crystal Displays