Molecular Electronics

Since the seminal proposal of Aviram and Ratner in 1974 to use a single molecule as a diode, the field of molecular electronics has been researched intensively. In the past decades, many experimental as well as theoretical challenges have been tackled and many exciting effects have been discovered. Some examples are the experimental realization of single-molecule junctions, the measurement of electron transport through these “wires”, the exploration of quantum effects (interference), the interplay with molecular vibrations (heating), and spin effects.

In this seminar, the students will present aspects of this research field based on recent scientific literature. The goals is to gain an understanding of the physical basics and to discuss the possible applications.

The seminar will take place on Tuesdays 10-12 in room (1.1.16).

The abstracts and the slides of the talks will be placed here.


Seminar speaker


17.10.17 Katharina Franke Presentation Guidelines and Selection of Topics
24.10.17 all Discussion of topics
07.11.17 Shane Carlson Molecular recitifiers
Katrijn Everaert Conductance of a molecular junction
14.11.17 Lisa Rütten Single-molecules vibrational spectroscopy
21.11.17 NO seminar  
28.11.17 Andreas Maier Dependence of single-molecule junction conductance on molecular conformation
05.12.17 Jiasheng Xie  Molecular machines
12.12.17 NO seminar  
19.12.17 Benjamin Haas Electron transport through molecular wires
Milica Valent Single-electron transistor of a single organic molecule with access to several redox states
09.01.18 Clark Zahn Tracking the ultrafast motion of a single molecule by fs orbital imaging
16.01.18 Musbah Nofal Observation of molecular orbital gating
23.01.18 Hauke Rasch Observation of quantum interference in molecular charge transport
13.02.18 Mustafa Emre Coltu   Single-molecule magnets