David Ehrenberg


Fachbereich Physik

Institut für experimentelle Physik

Experimentelle Molekulare Biophysik

Address Arnimallee 14
Room 0.1.43
14195 Berlin
Telephone (030) 838-60837
Email david.ehrenberg@fu-berlin.de

During my physics studies here at the FU Berlin, I got interested in biophysics. After doing my Bachelor thesis at the AG Dau, my research focus for my PhD is now on microbial rhodopsins in the group of Joachim Heberle

In our group we investigate the molecular mechanisms with different spectroscopic methods. While using this set of methods my expertise is Raman spectroscopy. Right now I am establishing surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy combined with electrochemistry (spectroelectrochemistry). Combing these two techniques facilitates to investigate the influence of electric fields on molecules and proteins.