Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle


Department of Physics

Institute of Experimental Physics

Experimental Molecular Biophysics


Address Arnimallee 14
Room 1.1.32
14195 Berlin
Telephone (030) 838-56161

Hi, my name is Joachim Heberle. My research interests are in the structure and function of membrane proteins and in the methodologies to investigate these … when I have time. Mostly, I am an adminstrative slave. The remainder of my time, I try hard to feed (i.e. raise funds) and comfort my coworkers (i.e. discuss science and give advice). I am not supposed to be a professor in Physics because I received my University education in Chemistry. However, my colleagues and students are so generous to tolerate my ignorance. I am serving the scientific community as an associate editor of Chemical Reviews and as one of the Ombudsman of Science in Germany. If you are interested in a professional version of my CV, please click here.

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