Bernd Schultz


Department of Physics

Institute of Experimental Physics

Experimental Molecular Biophysics

PhD Candidate

Address Arnimallee 14
Room 1.2.50
14195 Berlin
Telephone (030) 838-56174

Hello, my name is Bernd Schultz and I am 28 years of age. I grew up in the neighborhood of Stuttgart and graduated in Physics here in Berlin. At the moment I am the newest member of the Group, but who knows, perhaps more are yet to come.

I am starting my PhD Thesis right now in which I analyze catalytic intermediates of photoactive enzymes by using flash-photolysis. After initiating the catalytic cycle time-resolved absorbance changes in infrared as well as in uv/vis are recorded. In this way information about different intermediate states of co-factors and aminoacids can be observed. From these changes we can draw conclusions about the underlying catalytic mechanism.