Dr. Sven Stripp


Department of Physics

Institute of Experimental Physics

Experimental Molecular Biophysics


Address Arnimallee 14
Room 1.1.39
14195 Berlin
Telephone (030) 838-55069
Email svenstripp@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Hi, my name is Sven Stripp. I graduated in biology and biotechnology at the Ruhr Universität Bochum, and received my Ph.D from Prof. Dr. Thomas Happe in 2010. Shortly after, I joined the group of Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle at Freie Universität Berlin. I am married and fathered two kids.

My research interest includes bioinorganic catalysis, IR spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and iron-sulphur proteins. In particular, I am working with small redox proteins that catalyse the release of molecular hydrogen (H2) by reduction of protons (H+). These ‘hydrogenases’ do so at tremendous speed and minimal overpotential. The challenge is to unravel the catalytic mechanism of H2 turnover as the industrial production of H2 (by steam reforming and electrolysis of water) is comparatively ineffective.

Furthermore, I am addressing cofactor maturation in hydrogenases. These enzymes show very specific iron-sulphur centres and bind carbon monoxide (CO) and cyanide (CN-) ligands which are excellent markers in IR spectroscopy. An emphasis is placed on the origin of the CO ligand in the [NiFe] hydrogenases of Escherichia coli.

Selected publications: