Research Seminar: Advances in Computational Molecular Biophysics

Tue 14:15-16:00 hrs, Room 1.4.08

25.10. Emanuele Rossini The computation of pKa values of organic and organometallic molecules in different solvents
01.11. N.N.  
08.11. Marco Estimaing ransition networks
15.11 Andreas The influence of an Uracil-Guanine Mispair on he Sructure of the DNA and the Water Dynamics around it
22.11. Tahereh  
29.11. Mahdi DNA binding by transcription factor proteins GR and AR
06.12. Sandro RNA dynamics
13.12 Hossein MD simulations of AP Endonuclease-DNA complex
14.12. Moritz Communication analysis of a dimeric enzyme