Computational Molecular Physics

Mo 12-14 hrs Room 1.1.16

Tutorial Tue 16-18 hrs, room T2

Exam July 18th, 12-14 hrs, room 1.1.16

Second chance exam October 13th, 12-14 hrs, room t.b.a.

Old Lecture Notes Computational Molecular Physics

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Methods of Molecular Simulation

Extra session June 13th, 12-14 hrs, room 1.1.16

Thu 16-18 hrs, room 0.0.1 (lecture hall B)

Tutorials Tue 12-14 hrs computer pool (bi-weekly)

(old) Lecture Notes Methods of Molecular Simulation

Advanced Biomolecular Simulations (Computer Practical)

1 week block course:  August 8-12 , 9-15:00 hrs

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Statistical Physics I

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Lecture Notes Statistical Physics

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