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Two TRR227 PhD students receive awards for “Best Contributed Talk” and “Best Poster” at the WE-Heraeus seminar

The Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef

The Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef

News from Jan 16, 2022

Lisa-Marie Kern (Max Born Institute Berlin, division B2 “Imaging and Coherent X-rays”) and Oliver Gueckstock (FU Berlin, Terahertz Physics group), both PhD students of the TRR227, were awarded prizes for their contributions at the 757th Wilhelm-und-Else-Heraeus seminar on “Non-Linear Magnetism” from Jan 5-7, 2022. The seminar was held in a hybrid format having 40 on-site participants at the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef and 60 online attendees, focusing on scientific exchange on non-linear magnetism in topological structures like skyrmions and different types of magnetic order like antiferro- or altermagnetism.

Lisa-Marie Kern received the “Best Contributed Talk” award for her presentation on “Controlled localization of magnetic skyrmion nucleation”, while Oliver Gueckstock was honored with the “Best Poster” award for his poster entitled “Transition of laser-induced terahertz spin currents from torque- to conduction-electron-mediated transport”.

Congratulations to Lisa-Marie and Oliver!

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