9th April 2018:

The school student Amelie Nazare joins AG Reissig for a 4 weeks school internship in order to experience how life as a scientist in akademia is. She will be studying the dissolution of detergents and enjoy the observation of myelin figures.

1st March 2018:

AG Reissig welcomes "Viktor" Po-Chuan Chan, our new PhD student, working on Protein Photodetectors.

2nd February 2018:

AG Reissig welcomes Mr. Anton Diker and Mr. Sanket Dhume from the ESCP Europe in the frame of the BERLIN INNO BRIDGE program for a 6 weeks project in our group. They are going to look at how to move our work on photodetectors from fundamental research to real technology.

22th January 2018:

Our collaborative study on the templating of SnNPc and VONPc thin films and its effect on transient photocurrent performance got accepted for publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

1st December 2017:

AG Reissig welcomes Prof. Vernita Gordon (UT Austin, US) for a short stay and for her talk in the departments Physics Colloquium with the title: Why bacteria care about things you learned in your classical mechanics class.

6th November 2017:

AG Reissig welcomes Mr. Mohamed Ghobara, a visiting researcher from the Egypt Nanotechnology Center at Cairo University (Egypt), for his 3 month research stay. He will be working on the implementation of diatoms into opto-electronic devices.

17th October 2017:

AG Reissig welcomes 2 new Bachelorstudents. Good luck with their projects on Protein Photodetectors and the Impedance of Photoacids.

1st August 2017:

AG Reissig welcomes Arpana Singh, our new PhD student, studying Biomimetic Optoelectronic Devices. 


25th April 2017:

Official start of AG Reissig at Freie Universität, Berlin. Thanks to the university for this great opportunity and to the many people who have helped me to get to this point, and to those who have made this latest transition as smooth as possible.