Summer semester 2018:

Physik II (9 lectures in substitution of Prof. Dau) (Tuesday 4-6pm, Thursday 12-2 pm)

Winter semester 2017/2018:

Tutorials: Physik für Studierende im Nebenfach (Tuesday 10-12, Lecture hall B)

Group seminar

Our group seminars take in general place mondays at 6pm (please confirm the schedule below). The room depends on the number of participants. If you have interested in joining our group seminars, please send an email to Prof. Reissig in advance. The topics follow the table below:



Speaker/lecture typeTopic
16.04.2018 group discussion  
24.04.2018, 10.15 am Louisa Reissig Myelins - a 160 year old mystery
30.04.2018 group discussion  
07.05.2018 lecture Photocurrent I
14.05.2018 group discussion  

17.05.2018, 9.30 am

with AG Heberle


Marie Kurihara  
21.05.2018 lecture Photocurrent II
28.05.2018 group discussion  


Physics Colloquium

3.15pm, Lecture room A

Prof. Yuki Sudo

Microbial rhodopsins: Rich functional diversity and 

great potential for optical control of biological 


11.06.2018  Arpana Singh  
18.06.2018  group discussion  
25.06.2018 Po-Chuan Chan  


Physics Colloquium

3.15pm, Lecture room A

Prof. Kunio Awaga  Physics and Chemistry of Molecule-Based Mimics of Carbon Allotropes
9.07.2018  group discussion  
16.07.2018 lecture Photocurrent III