Diversity in the Cultures of Physics - A European Summer School Series for Women Physicists

A bilateral exchange program for women physicists in the transition phase from Master to PhD studies.

Summer School 2017: Barcelona - Berlin
17.07.2017 - 11.08.2017

In a four week program in two different countries the participants get the opportunity to:

  • gain an insight into the variety of physics research in Europe
  • establish contacts which may result in future collaborations and stays abroad while pursuing their graduate work
  • get to know women researchers in physics and professional networks of women scientists
  • learn about national and international advancement programs for women scientists
  • become familiar with work place cultures of physics in actual cultural, political and everyday context
  • learn about equality politics at European universities and research institutions
  • Recognize and explore the diversity in the cultures of physics

The summer school builds on, intensifies and initiates networks on several levels:

  • peer to peer between the participants
  • international between the participating universities
  • transgenerational between the students and the involved teachers
  • interdisciplinary between scholars from physics and gender studies
  • between physicists and equality officers and representatives from funding institutions

For more information see the Concept.

Berlin-Uppsala Summer School 2016

The summer school is a bilateral exchange program for young physicists in the transition phase from Master to PhD studies.

Pilot Projekt 2012

Pilot Project in 2012: Berlin - Uppsala Summer School The first Summer School was launched by the Department of Physics at Freie Universität Berlin. The German-Swedish exchange program for 2012 was realized in co-operation with the Physics Department at Uppsala University. Additional summer schools with physics research institutions in other European countries are planned for the coming years. They are primarily addressed at young women physicists during the crucial transition phase from ...