Diversity in the Cultures of Physics Summer School Berlin - Uppsala 2016

In 2016 the Summer School was established as a bilateral and annual exchange program for young physicists in the transition phase from Master to PhD studies.


Summer School:     August 1 - 26, 2016

Berlin:                       August  1 - 13, 2016
Uppsala:                   August 14 - 26, 2016

A joint summer school "Diversity in the Cultures of Physics" was held for young physicists at Freie Universität Berlin and at Uppsala Universitet. The aim was to facilitate the transition from master to PhD and to open up transnational perspectives for a career in physics.

The summer school was aimed at young physics students who:

  • are enrolled in a master's program or at the beginning of their PhD
  • study at a university in Germany or Sweden
  • are interested in the political and social framework of doing physics
  • want to know more about how physics is shaped by gender and diversity

Aims of the Summer School

  • gain an insight into the variety of physics research in Europe
  • establish contacts which may result in future collaborations and stays abroad while pursuing their graduate work
  • get to know the professional networks in physics
  • learn about national and international equality oriented advancement programs for young scientists
  • become familiar with work place cultures of physics in actual cultural, political and everyday context
  • learn about equality politics at European universities and research institutions
  • learn about the role of gender and diversity in physics
  • Recognize and explore the diversity in the cultures of physics

Program of the Summer School

The participants spent 4 weeks together in Berlin (2 weeks) and in Uppsala (2 weeks).
In each country the courses offered included the following events:

  • Lectures and visits to research groups in the Physics Department of the university
  • Visits to other research institutions and universities in the region
  • Contacts to equality-oriented institutions and activities at the universities and cooperating institutions as well as in the national associations and foundations,
  • Lectures and discussions on gender & science studies.

To gain an impression of the structure of the Summer School see here.

Informations on how to apply can be found here.


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