Open Positions

At present, there are up to two open "assistant" positions in the group (BAT IIa positions for up to five years). Prospective candidates should have a PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and preferably some additional postdoc experience. The group is part of the newly founded Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems, which should provide for an exciting research environment.

There will also be an opening at the postdoctoral level (2 years with a possible extension by one year) within the Collaborative Research Center Sfb 658 "Elementary processes in molecular switches in surfaces", focusing on theoretical aspects of molecular electronics (see Franck-Condon Blockade and Giant Fano Factors in Transport through Single Molecules, Pair tunneling through single molecules, Discontinuous Euler instability in nanoelectromechanical systems, and Franck-Condon blockade in suspended carbon nanotube quantum dots for representative publications).

If interested in any of these positions, please contact Felix von Oppen for further informations.