Theory Seminars


Date Time Room Speaker Title
Wed, 11.10.2017 10:30 01.04.08 Falko Pientka (Harvard) Transport phenomena of neutral excitations in interacting 2d systems
Thu, 12.10.2017 14:15 01.04.08 Ashley Cook (Zurich) Higher Order Top. Insulators
 Wed, 01.11.2017 10:15 01.04.08 Tobias Meng (Dresden) The gravity of Weyl: tabletop signatures of the mixed axial-gravitational anomaly
 Mon, 13.11.2017 14:15 01.04.08  Björn Sbierski (FU Berlin) Quantitative analytical theory for disordered nodal points 
 Wed, 22.11.2017 10:15 01.04.08 Vatsal Dwivedi  (Cologne) Fermi arc reconstruction at junctions between Weyl semimetals
 Wed, 29.11.2017 10:15 01.04.08 Kyrylo Snizhko  (Weizmann) Detection of and adiabatic pumping with parafermions
Fri, 01.12.2017 15:00 01.04.08 Frederik Wilde (FU Berlin)

Shortcuts to Adiabaticity and Quantum Computation

 Thu, 14.12.2017 13:00 01.04.08 Laura Ortiz  (Madrid) Localization and Oscillations in Majorana Fermions from d-wave superconductor
Wed, 24.01.2018 11:00 01.04.08 Liliana Arrachea (San Martin) Quantum charge and energy transport in mesoscopic systems and topological nanostructures
Wed, 31.01.2018 10:15 01.04.08 Ruben Otxoa (Hitachi-Cambridge) Inertial and Supermagnonic Dynamics of Domain Walls driven by Spin-Orbit
Fields in an Antiferromagnet
Wed, 07.02.2018 10:15 01.04.08  Alexandru Petrescu (Princeton) Fluxon-Based Quantum Simulation in circuit QED 
Wed, 14.02.2018 10:15 01.04.08 Jacob Steiner (Heidelberg) Optical Phenomena in Weyl Semimetals
Wed, 21.02.2018 10:15 01.04.08

Johannes Lischner (Imperial College London)

Theory and simulation of defects in 2d materials

 Wed, 28.02.2018 10:15 01.04.08   Shaffique Adam (NUS Singapore) The role of electron-electron interactions in disordered Dirac fermions

Tue, 13.03.2018

10:15 01.04.08

Yelena Guryanova (IQOQI Vienna)

Exploring the limits of no backwards in time signalling



10:15  01.04.08 

Eddie Seabrook 

(FU Berlin)

 Z2 vortices in the ground states of classical Heisenberg-Kitaev models
Mon, 09.04.2018 10:15 01.04.08 Zlatko Papic (University of Leeds, UK) Quantum many-body scars
Fri, 13.04.2018 10:15 01.04.08  Constantin Schrade  TBA