Women’s advancement funds

At the department there are women’s advancement funds available for infrastructure, individual-related advancement as well as for public relation.

Further information can be found in the Granting Procedure for women’s advancement funds.

Proposals can be sent to the women’s representative at any time. The commission for the granting of the women’s advancement funds will meet depending on the volume of proposals to be able to perform a promptly decision.

Conflict management

In case of conflicts in job the person concerned can contact the Administration Manager, the Employee Representatives at Freie Universität Berlin or the Women’s Representative.

In addition the Social Counseling can be contacted by every employee to act as a neutral contact from outside the department.

In case of sexual harassment (verbal or non-verbal) the person concerned should categorically contact the women’s representative of the department or the central women’s representative (Working Group against Sexual Harassment at Freie Universität Berlin)

All inquires are kept strictly confidential.