Institut für Experimentalphysik (WE1)

AG Aziz

Functional Materials in Solution

AG Behrends

EPR Spectroscopy in Photocatalysis and Photovoltaics

AG Bittl

EPR Spectroscopy of Biological Systems

AG Bolotin

Nanoscale Transport and  Optoelectronics

AG Dau

Biophysics and Photosynthesis

AG Franke

Experimental Nanophysics

AG Fumagalli

Structure and Magneto-Optic Properties of Thin Films; Near-Field Optics

AG Heberle

Experimental Molecular Biophysics

AG Heyne

Ultrafast spectroscopie on biological relevant systems

AG Kampfrath

Terahertz Physics

AG Kuch

Spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy of new magnetic materials

AG Reich

Physics of Nanostructures

AG Reissig

Molecular Biophysics with focus on Photonic Materials

AG Schlesinger

Genetic Biophysics

AG Weinelt

Ultrafast Surface Dynamics