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You will find it in the Changelog... (German)

Current Projects

The translated version includes just the headwords. For further information take a look at the German version or contact us.

  • The new policy for Windows workstation at the department of physics was ratified
  • Labview Software Update SPRING 2010 is available for members of the participating scientific workgroups. Further information is available (in German).
  • The new Mathematica department contract now includes a home-use license for all students of the physics department. A tutorial (German) is available.
  • A combination of new thin clients and computers with quad core processors improving the student workplaces.
  • The migration of the physics web server to the university-wide central content management system is finished. To get access fill out the user application form (German) and hand it to the ZEDV.
  • The fusion of the two IT services of the department of physics and math/computer science started.

  • List of finished projects (German)

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