application forms German User & computer application forms
storage & backup German Information regarding data security and restoring of lost user files
user administration German Information regarding user accounts and policies
printing German Information regarding the printing system
(e-mail) German The email service is provided by the ZEDAT since october 2008
software and licenses German MSDN-AA software distribution, free-of-charge software offers by the physics department and the ZEDAT
trouble ticket system Englisch Support inquiry form for Windows, Linux and the website services
private web pages German Setting up of user web pages on our server ""
working under CMS English Tips for setting up and maintaining websites within the CMS


Windows services German Windows computers on the department network
Windows terminal server German Windows terminal services in physics department
backup for Windows computers German Backup services for local files on Windows computers


Linux installation German Requirements, installation notes and possibilities


hardware German Hardware recommendation by the ZEDV
computers for lending German The ZEDV is lending Linux and Windows computers to scientific work groups
Maintenace agreement for Dell computer German Dell computers come with a three year on-site warranty service (Dell Business Service)
energy meter German Energy meter to lend


wireless LAN German Using the ZEDAT's wireless network at the department
Labor-Net (former SEC-Net) German Idea behind and possibilities of the laboratory computer network (formerly known as SECnet)