Software of the ZEDV and the ZEDAT

Central licenses

  • The department of Physics owns a Department license for the product LabView of National Instrument.
    This department license includes tools like "Department license", "LabWindows/CVI",
    "Measurement studio for Visual studio" etc. There is no limit for the number of installations.
    At present 6 working groups divide the costs of this license. The share per working group is fixed to 1.000 Euros (one time). The annual update costs 1.102 Euros is shared by the working groups involved. If other working groups of our department should be interested in a participation, the yearly update costs would degrade according to the incoming financial contributions.

  • The departments of Biology, chemistry, pharmacy and physics together have acquired an Origin campus license (Windows).
    For the FB physics a refinancing plan has been decided for the working groups involved:

    1-3 licenses with 100 Euros/year  and  unlimited licenses with 300 Euros/year of participation.

    In approx. 7 years the refinancing of the network license is complete and only the regular update costs remain.
    If other working groups - even from other departments - should be interested in a participation, the refinancing rate would degrade according to the incoming financial contributions.
    At the moment there is only an English version of Origin, but with the next update to the version 8.0 (which is announced for May, 2007) there will a combined German/English version.

    There are two forms of the Origin license

    • the network license: this is intended for all PCs with permanent connection to the FB LAN. A central network server will activate Origin during start up.

    • the Home Use license: this is intended for computer which have no constant connection to the net FB Lan (e.g., laptops). This installation requires a special Key (dependent on hardware) for every computer which can be requested from the Origin WEB site. It must be renewed every three years

      Origin can only be installed if the PC or laptop is directly connected to the FB LAN and the user belongs to a working group which participates in the Origin campus contract!

  • There are 30 Mathematica network licenses + 30 Home Use licenses in physics FB on the base of an annual lease contract.

Software downloads with the ZEDAT

useful tools

  • IZARC essential tool for managing archives