Advanced Laboratory Course for Master Students - Winter Semester 2017/2018

Welcome to the Advanced Laboratory Course for Master Students! The goal of the class is to learn the basics of modern experimental physics.  You will be working in a group with one or two other students. During the class, each group will carry out 8 experiments from different fields of physics. Each experiment will be supervised by a tutor. Tutors help with carrying our experiments and grade experimental reports completed after the experiment. In addition to reports, each group will deliver one seminar-style talk about their experiment to the entire class. Please enjoy the class and be safe!


Prof. Kirill Bolotin 

The best way to contact me is by email ( You could also stop by my office (1.2.37), or call me (838-50900)


CURRENT SCHEDULE OF ALL EXPERIMENTS, SEMINARS. The same file contains emails of all the students and tutors in a separete sheet. Please check it often as it will change! 

(note: to maintain privacy of your email addresses, I had to password-protect the file. The password is in the email I sent to all of you)

Lab Sessions: Thursdays, 10:00-19:00 (Times may vary by agreement with tutors; each experiment has a different location)

First experiments:  2 November 2017

Seminars: Mondays, 14:15-16:00, 1.1.16 FB-Raum 

First seminar will be 4.12, presented by groups G1 and G2. There will be no seminars until 4.12.  



Course Rules

Hints on the Seminar Presentation

Tutors, experiments, rooms

Wiki: Here you can find the description of the experiments and useful information concerning the experiments. Use your zedat password/login.

Participation certificate for students

Evaluation form for tutors

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