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Exercises: Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics

Dozenten: Ionela Radu
Sprache: Englisch
Di 14:00-16:00
Inhalt: Welcome to your study of AMol Physics! This lecture will give you an introduction to a wide range of topics in the mentioned field and can be seen as the starting point for a successful master or Ph.D. thesis. After a repetition of the main aspects of atomic structure we will move to molecules and will present Born-Oppenheimer approximation, molecular orbital and valence bond theories, polyatomic systems with Hückel approximation and self-consistent field calculations (Hartree-Fock formalism and DFT). The lecture will continue with a selection of experimental methods that are used to determine molecular structure and dynamics: vibrational spectroscopy and normal mode analysis, electronic spectroscopy (chromophores, exciton coupling, two-photon absorption), fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging techniques, NMR spectroscopy (chemical shift, scalar coupling, AX, AB and A2 spectra, NOE and multidimensional NMR), EPR spectroscopy with double resonance techniques, and aspects of intermolecular interactions as ion-dipole, dipole-dipole, van der Waals or hydrogen bond.
Literatur: H. Haken, H. C. Wolf - Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry, P. Atkins, J.de Paula - Physical Chemistry, W. Demtröder - Molecular Physics, P. Atkins, R. Friedman - Molecular Quantum Mechanics, G. M. Barrow - Introduction to molecular spectroscopy