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Publications_Dublin Core

The templates Publikationsliste (Dublin Core) und Publikation (Dublin Core) provide arguably the most sophisticated layout for publication lists.


  • Many input options. It is possible to link to the .pdf file of the publication or the image of the book cover, ideally these files is should have been imported into the CMS  docs and img folder of your website. It is likewise possible to add the abstract of the publication and many more.
  • Search function is provided automatically. It is no longer necessary to group by year of publication. One can enter the year in the search field.


  1. You need to create a folder based on the template Publikationsliste (Dublin Core) as subfolder of your startpage folder or any standard folder. If you want to group your publications (as shown in our sample page), you need to create a list folder for each section. These folders can be nested, if necessary.
  2. Inside of each list folder you need to create a subfolder for each publication based on the termplate Publikation (Dublin Core). You will find a brief explanation of the input fields here.
To note:

In order to make special formatting of the title of the publication visible you need to enter the title including the relevant HTML tags in a special field called extended title field in addition to the entry in the normal title field. You can reach this field via Basisfelder / Alle bearbeiten > Feldgruppe: Sonstige Felder > Title of the publication (extended). Siehe illustration.
The following HTML-Tags will be accepted: br, em, sup, sub, i, b und strong.

Please consult the CeDiS documentation for more detailed information.

There you will also find the link for a very elaborate example of the Dublin Core layout.