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Fucsia Crea


Fachbereich Physik

Institut für experimentelle Physik

Experimentelle Molekulare Biophysik

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin

Hello, my name is Fucsia Crea and I come from Italy. I studied for my bachelor degree in Trento, then moved to Berlin to study biophysics. Currently I am happily doing my master's thesis in Heberle group.

Right now, under the supervision of Kenichi, I am investigating the structural changes in Sensory Rhodopsin II caused by illumination. The technique I am using is Surface Enhanced Infra Red Spectroscopy (SEIRAS), which allows for the study of the proteins in a single reconstructed double layer membrane on top of the gold SEIRAS surface. The gold surface can as well be used as an electrode and spectra of the protein in the membrane can be taken varying also the membrane potential. Next steps are time resolved measurements and possibly the application of the same method to other rhodopsins.