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Pat. 1: Apparatus for spectroscopically analyzing a gas

Inventors: Stockmann, M; Riecke, B; Heyne, K

The invention relates to an apparatus for spectroscopically analysing a gas, said apparatus having at least one radiation source (1), at least one detection apparatus (12; 20), at least one sample chamber (13) and a system of optical elements (4; 5; 6; 7; 9; 10; 11; 18; 19) which is intended and set up to direct at least part (3b) of the radiation (3) emitted by the radiation source (1) through the sample chamber (13) onto the detection apparatus (20), wherein the sample chamber (13) is used to hold a gaseous sample which contains the gas to be analysed, and wherein the apparatus is configured in such a manner that the sample can continuously flow through the sample chamber (13), and means (16) are provided for the purpose of determining the pressure and/or the volume and/or the concentration of the sample in the sample chamber (13). The invention also relates to a corresponding method for spectroscopically analysing a gas.


Publication number: DE102006018862 (A1); AU2007228959 (A1)

Priority number: WO2007EP02525 20070316; DE200610012740 20060317; DE200610018862 20060413

Applicant: Freie Universität Berlin

Priority date: 17.03.2006

Patent granted: AU