Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics

The lecture starts at Thursday 27th of April. In the first weeks, in brief we will repeat basics from the "Atomic and molecular physics" lecture:

Basis knowledge: Atomic and molecular physics I                      Atomic and molecular physics II       

Lecture notes: slides I        slides II (IR)                          


Exercises (Thu 12 am - 2 pm):


1. Exercise

2. and 3. exercise: Born-Oppenheimer approximation for H2. 

4. Exercise

5. Exercise

6. Exercise

7. Exercise

8. Exercise


The final examination will be a written exam

1st exam:  9th of July 2019, HS A Arnimalle 22, 4-6 pm

2nd exam: 26th of September 2019, HS A (1.3.14), 4-6 pm;

                          - use of a pocket calculater is allowed/recommended

                          - one piece of paper (DIN A4) with notes is allowed