Seminar Sommersemester 2005


  • Beginn: 11.04.2005
  • Zeit: Montags 16:15-17:45
  • Ort: Seminarraum E2 (1.1.53)


Diplomanden, Doktoranden, Studenten im Hauptstudium

Art der Durchführung:



W. Kuch, H. Wende


Datum Thema
  • 11.04.2005
W. Kuch/H. Wende
  • 18.04.2005
The influence of O surfactant growth on the structure
and magnetism of ultrathin Ni films
N. Ponpandian
  • 25.04.2005
Spin fluctuations in coupled magnetic trilayers
M. Bernien
  • 02.05.2005
Three-dimensional exchange bias and
three-dimensional antiferromagnetic spin structures
S. Zander
  • 09.05.2005
Optically induced magnetization dynamics
A. Bauer
  • 23.05.2005
Molecular magnetism in thin metallo-supramolecular films
Y. Bodenthin,
Uni Potsdam
  • 30.05.2005
Spin polarized scanning tunneling microscopy studies
at the surface of antiferromagnetic Mn films on Fe(001)
U. Schlickum,
MPI Halle
  • 06.06.2005
XMCD at the O K edge of surfactant-grown 3d ferromagnets
and at the L2,3 edges of rare earth elements
C. Sorg
  • 13.06.2005
Spin-polarized electron capture and ion beam triangulation
from ultrathin magnetic films and nanostructures
M. Gruyters,
HU Berlin
  • 20.06.2005
Magnetische Anisotropie und Dämpfungsmechanismen
in ultradünnen 3d-Ferromagneten: eine FMR-Studie
K. Lenz
  • 27.06.2005
Linear dichroism in soft x-ray absorption
of ultrathin oxide films
R. M. Abrudan
  • 04.07.2005
Body-centered-cubic Ni and its magnetic properties
X. F. Jin,
Fudan University, Shanghai
  • 11.07.2005
W. Kuch/H. Wende