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Seminar Sommersemester 2018

  • Beginn: 17.04.2018
  • Zeit: Dienstags 16:15–17:45
  • Ort: Seminarraum E1 (1.1.26)


Masterstudierende, Diplomanden, Doktoranden

The seminar is part of the module "Scientific Specialization" for Master students who are doing their research phase in the work group Kuch.

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Link zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis)


W. Kuch





17.04.2018 Vorbesprechung W. Kuch
24.04.2017 New trends in condensed-matter physics I I. Gelen, I. Kumberg
08.05.2018 New trends in condensed-matter physics II W. Kuch, Tauqir
22.05.2018 Role of spin flip vs. spin transport of nonthermal electrons in ultrafast demagnetization of ferromagnetic transition metals V. Shokeen (MBI)
29.05.2018 Phase transition studies using second-harmonic phonon spectroscopy C. Winta (FHI)
05.06.2018 Electronic structure: High-resolution and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy S. Thakur (Elettra) 
(special date, 11:00, room 1.2.39)
Soft x-ray spectroscopic experiments on the liquid phase at synchrotrons W. Quevedo (HZB)
26.06.2018 Atomically thin ferromagnets E. Golias
03.07.2018 Magnetism of rare-earth metal–organic surface structures L. M. Arruda
10.07.2018 Growth and structure of epitaxial antiferromagnetic films I. Gelen
(special date, 14:00, lecture hall A)

Probing Magnetism in Topological Insulator

M.-T. Lin (National Taiwan University)