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Seminar Sommersemester 2020

  • Beginn: 20.04.2020
  • Zeit: Montags 16:15–17:45
  • Ort: The seminar will be held online via Webex.


Masterstudierende, Doktoranden

The seminar is part of the module "Scientific Specialization" for Master students who are doing their research phase in the work group Kuch.

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Link zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis)

The seminar will be held as a videoconference via Webex Meetings. To obtain the meeting link, please send an e-mail to kuch@physik.fu-berlin.de.


W. Kuch





20.04.2020 New trends in ultrafast spintronic phenomena and materials

J. Gördes, Q. Guillet, R. Hosseinifar, I. Kumberg, J. Torres

27.04.2020 Study of optically induced magnetic domain wall motion in ferrimagnets Q. Guillet
25.05.2020 Magnetism at THz frequencies J. Heitz
15.06.2020 Laser-pulse-induced modification of magnetic domains R. Hosseinifar
22.06.2020 Polar semiconductor heterostructures as hyperbolic metamaterials C. Winta (FHI)
20.07.2020 Magnetism, structure, and morphology of Fe/MnAu/Ag(001) I. Gelen