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Seminar Sommersemester 2022

  • Start: 25.04.2022
  • Date: Mondays 16:15–17:45
  • Place: Online by Webex (Link)


Masterstudierende, Doktoranden

The seminar is part of the module "Scientific Specialization" for Master students who are doing their research phase in the work group Kuch.

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Link zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis)


W. Kuch





22.04.2022, 14:15 hrs.
(special date!) 
Laser induced ultrafast magnetisation dynamics of FM/AFM bilayer and FM/AFM/FM trilayer samples C. S. Awsaf
25.04.2022 Preparation and analysis of antiferromagnetic Fe/Mn thin film bilayer on Ag(100) substrate T. Gustafson
20.06.2022 Ultrafast 4f multiplet excitations in Tb metal T. Amrhein
27.06.2022 Influence of rare-earth metal dusting on domain-wall motion and interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co/Pt trilayers

F. Dörr

11.07.2022 X-ray and visible-light spectroscopies on temperature-induced spin crossover in iron complexes P.-C. Liu