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Seminar Wintersemester 2010/2011


  • Beginn: 19.10.2010
  • Zeit: Dienstags 16:15-17:45
  • Ort: Seminarraum T1 (1.3.21)


Diplomanden, Doktoranden, Studenten im Hauptstudium

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Details)


W. Kuch





19.10.2010 Vorbesprechung
W. Kuch
02.11.2010 XMCD and sum rules
F. Hermanns
09.11.2010 Cd-free heterojunctions in chalcopyrite-based thin film solar cells
D. Kieven (HZB)
16.11.2010 Life of a PhD student in Taiwan
Y.-C. Lin/K.-H. Ou Yang (National Taiwan Univ.)
23.11.2010 Micromagnetic investigation of magnetic nanorings and nanowires
B. Zhang
30.11.2010 Using magnetic tunnel junctions for the studies of tunnel magnetocapacitance and superconductor–ferromagnetic interactions
Y.-M. Chang
07.12.2010 The influence of the substrate on the switching probability of photochromic molecules
A. Krüger
14.12.2010 Sub-micron in-plane domain pattern of ultra-thin Fe films on partially oxidized NiAl(001)
C.-B. Wu
04.01.2011 Laser-pump X-ray-probe experiments for investigation of ultrafast dynamics of functional materials in solution
A. Kothe (HZB)
11.01.2011 Precession modes in magnetic trilayers: A micromagnetic domain wall study
J. Kurde
18.01.2011 The influence of antiferromagnetic spin structure on exchange bias in Ni/NiMn/Cu3Au(001)
M. Y. Khan
25.01.2011 Everything you always wanted to know about the Kondo effect (but were afraid to ask)
T. Umbach
01.02.2011 Everything you always wanted to know about micromagnetism (but were afraid to ask)
B. Zhang
08.02.2011 Adsorption of azobenzene- and imine-based molecular switches on Au(111)
D. Brete (MBI)
15.02.2011 Abschlussbesprechung
W. Kuch