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Seminar Wintersemester 2014/2015

  • Beginn: 13.10.2014
  • Zeit: Montags 16:15–17:45
  • Ort: Seminarraum E2 (1.1.53)


Masterstudierende, Diplomanden, Doktoranden

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Details)


W. Kuch





13.10.2014 Static and dynamic magnetic properties of exchange-coupled thin film systems B. Zhang
20.10.2014 X-ray absorption spectroscopy of thiazol-DAE on surfaces P. Chittas
Tuesday – HS B
Photon-based spectroscopy for material and energy research: From soft X rays to far infrared E. F. Aziz
03.11.2014 Pinning magnetostatic charges, Co porphyrins on metallic surfaces, and atypical magnetic dichroism studies J. Miguel
17.11.2014 XPS studies of core-shell nanoparticles H. Kalbe (BAM)
24.11.2014 Investigation of the Cu(In,Ga)Se2/CdS interface using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy B. Ümsür (HZB)
01.12.2014 Exchange bias effect observed in multiferroic bismuth ferrite nanostructures L. Kipgen
08.12.2014 Studying charge transfer with resonant inelastic X-ray scattering A. Britton
15.12.2014 Vibrational spectroscopy of peptide L-alanyl-L-alanine as a function of temperature L. Arruda
05.01.2015 Review of magnetization dynamics: From femtoseconds up to nanoseconds O. Sandig
12.01.2015 Laser-induced magnetization dynamics in Co/GdFe bilayers Y. Shokr
09.02.2015 Total external reflection zone plates for X-ray spectroscopy H. Löchel (HZB)
Special date (Tuesday)!
Adsorption behavior and switching properties of photochromic molecules on surfaces D. Krüger