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Seminar Wintersemester 2017/2018

  • Beginn: 17.10.2017
  • Zeit: Dienstags 16:15–17:45
  • Ort: Seminarraum E2 (1.1.53)


Masterstudierende, Diplomanden, Doktoranden

The seminar is part of the module "Scientific Specialization" for Master students who are doing their research phase in the work group Kuch.

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Link zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis)


W. Kuch





17.10.2017 Vorbesprechung W. Kuch
24.10.2017 A comprehensive study of Ho-substituted lithium-based ferrite: fabrication and characterization A. Manzoor
07.11.2017 New era of photoelectron spectroscopy and resonant inelastic soft x-ray scattering in external perturbations (Abstract)

S. Suga (Osaka University) 

14.11.2017 New trends in condensed-matter magnetism and quantum states in adsorbed molecules  I. Gelen, L. Kipgen
21.11.2017 Multiphoton excitation of dyes by shaped white-light pulses I. Kumberg 
28.11.2017 X-ray beam diffraction at surface acoustic waves and its applications S. Vadilonga (HZB) 
05.12.2017 Magnetic properties of Fe porphin molecules on Pb(111) L. Farinacci
12.12.2017 New trends in spin-based nanotechnology I. Gelen, Tauqir
19.12.2017 Evolution from anticooperative to cooperative behavior in the spin-state switching of an Fe(II) complex on graphite L. Kipgen
16.01.2018 Exchange bias properties of X/CoO (X = PtCo and FePt) M. Erkovan (Sakarya University)
23.01.2018 Influence of surface and interface defects on the magnetic properties of Co/NixMn1–x bilayers Tauqir 
30.01.2018 X-ray spectroscopy of octahedral Co complexes in aqueous solutions S. N. Lalithambika (HZB) 
13.02.2018 Nachbesprechung W. Kuch