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Seminar Wintersemester 2021/2022

  • Beginn: 25.10.2021
  • Zeit: Montags 16:15–17:45
  • Ort: Online by Webex (Link)


Masterstudierende, Doktoranden

The seminar is part of the module "Scientific Specialization" for Master students who are doing their research phase in the work group Kuch.

Art der Durchführung:

Seminar (Link zum Vorlesungsverzeichnis)


W. Kuch





01.11.2021 New trends in condensed-matter research I S. Hadjadj, R. Hosseinifar, T. Shinwari
08.11.2021 New trends in condensed-matter research II W. Kuch, S. Thakur, J. Torres
29.11.2021 Growth and magnetic characterization of MnSe phases on Au(111) J. Hayes
16.12.2021, 10:15 hrs.
(special date!) 
X-ray and visible-light spectroscopies on temperature-induced spin crossover in iron complexes P.-C. Liu
03.01.2022 Two-dimensional magnetic materials: Characterization methods and possible applications S. Hadjadj
10.01.2022 p-Terphenyl-based thiols bound to top-layer sulphur defects on MoS2/Au(111), investigated by STM/AFM R. Simon
19.01.2022, 16:30 hrs.
(special date!) 
Atomic-layer deposition of spin-crossover molecules using a pulsed-valve system M. Walter
24.01.2022 Structures of magnetic adatoms on the quasi-two-dimensional superconductor NbSe2 L. Rütten
31.01.2022 Iron (II) nuclei spin-crossover molecules in sub-, mono- and multilayers, analyzed by DRS and XAS, and the similarities between characterizations and compounds J. Torres
07.02.2022 Cleaning of Nb(100) surface by flash annealing and growth of Mn1–xAux J. Gördes
14.02.2022 Refractometer as an optical pressure standard A. Kussicke