2019 and preprints

  • Contracting projected entangled pair states is average-case hard
    J. Haferkamp, D. Hangleiter, J. Eisert, M. Gluza
    Physical Review Research 1, in press (2019)

  • Randomized benchmarking for individual quantum gates
    E. Onorati, A. H. Werner, J. Eisert
    Physical Review Letters 123, 060501 (2019)

  • Single-shot holographic compression from the area law
    H. Wilming, J. Eisert
    Physical Review Letters 122, 190501 (2019)

  • Sample complexity of device-independently certified "quantum supremacy"
    D. Hangleiter, M. Kliesch, J. Eisert, C. Gogolin
    Physical Review Letters 122, 210502 (2019)

  • Von Neumann entropy from unitarity
    P. Boes, J. Eisert, R. Gallego, M. P. Mueller, H. Wilming
    Physical Review Letters 122, 210402 (2019)

  • Entanglement of purification in many body systems and symmetry breaking
    A. Bhattacharyya, A. Jahn, T. Takayanagi, K. Umemoto
    Physical Review Letters 122, 201601 (2019)

  • Exploration of the stability of many-body localized systems in the presence of a small bath
    M. Goihl, J. Eisert, C. Krumnow
    Physical Review B 99, 195145 (2019)

  • A tensor network annealing algorithm for two-dimensional thermal states
    A. Kshetrimayum, M. Rizzi, J. Eisert, R. Orus
    Physical Review Letters 122, 070502 (2019)

  • Randomized benchmarking for individual quantum gates
    E. Onorati, A. H. Werner, J. Eisert
    Physical Review Letters 122, 060501 (2019)

  • Holography and criticality in matchgate tensor networks
    A. Jahn, M. Gluza, F. Pastawski, J. Eisert
    Science Advances 5, eaaw0092 (2019)

  • Equilibration towards generalized Gibbs ensembles in non-interacting theories
    M. Gluza, J. Eisert, T. Farrelly
    SciPost Physics 7, 038 (2019)

  • Central charges of aperiodic holographic tensor network models
    A. Jahn, Z. Zimborás, J. Eisert

  • Majorana dimers and holographic quantum error-correcting codes
    A. Jahn, M. Gluza, F. Pastawski, J. Eisert
    Phys. Rev. Research 1, 0330798 (2019)

  • Quantum network routing and local complementation
    F. Hahn, A. Pappa, J. Eisert
    Nature Partner Journal Quantum Information 5, 76 (2019)

  • Complexity and entanglement for thermofield double states
    S. Chapman, J. Eisert, L. Hackl, M. P. Heller, R. Jefferson, H. Marrochio, R. C. Myers
    SciPost Phys. 6, 034 (2019)

  • Towards local equilibration in closed interacting quantum many-body systems
    H. Wilming, M. Goihl, C. Krumnow, J. Eisert

  • By-passing fluctuation theorems
    P. Boes, R. Gallego, N. H. Y. Ng, J. Eisert, H. Wilming

  • Quantum work statistics and resource theories: bridging the gap through Renyi divergences
    G. Guarnieri, N. H. Y. Ng, K. Modi, J. Eisert, M. Paternostro, J. Goold
    Physical Review E Rapid Comm, 050101(R) (2019)

  • Experimentally accessible witnesses of many-body localisation
    M. Goihl, M. Friesdorf, A. H. Werner, W. Brown, J. Eisert
    Quantum Reports 1, 50-62 (2019)

  • Quantum illumination unveils cloaking
    U. Las Heras, R. DiCandia, K. G. Federov, F. Deppe, M. Sanz, E. Solano

  • A novel approach to neutrino mixing analysis based on singular values
    K. Bielas, W. Flieger, J. Gluza, M. Gluza

  • Rates of multi-partite entanglement transformations and applications in quantum networks
    A. Streltsov, C. Meignant, J. Eisert

  • Shorter unentangled proofs for ground state connectivity
    L. Caha, D. Nagaj, M. Schwarz

  • Approximate recovery with locality and symmetry constraints
    C. Beny, Z. Zimboras, F. Pastawski

  • Controlling a d-level atom in a cavity
    T. Hofmann, M. Keyl

  • Performance of hierarchical sparse detectors for massive MTC
    G. Wunder, I. Roth, R. Fritschek, J. Eisert

  • Low-overhead hierarchically-sparse channel estimation for multiuser wideband massive MIMO
    G. Wunder, S. Stefanatos, A. Flinth, I. Roth, G. Caire

  • Hierarchical sparse channel estimation for massive MIMO
    G. Wunder, I. Roth, A. Flinth, M. Barzegar, S. Haghighatshoar, G. Caire, G. Kutyniok

  • Entanglement-ergodic quantum systems equilibrate exponentially well
    H. Wilming, M. Goihl, I. Roth, J. Eisert
    Physical Review Letters, in press (2019)

  • Quantum simulation
    J. Eisert
    Flagship article qt.eu (2019)

  • Multidimensional approximation of nonlinear dynamical systems
    P. Gelß, S. Klus, J. Eisert, C. Schütte
    Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics 14, 061006 (2019).

  • Simulating topological tensor networks with Majorana qubits
    C. Wille, R. Egger, J. Eisert, A. Altland
    Physical Review B 99, 115117 (2019)

  • Entanglement and spectra in topological many-body localized phases
    K. S. C. Decker, D. M. Kennes, J. Eisert, C. Karrasch

  • Edge mode locality in perturbed symmetry protected topological order
    M.Goihl, C. Krumnow, M. Gluza, J. Eisert, N. Tarantino
    Physical Review Research 1, in press (2019)

  • Quantum control in infinite dimensions and Banach-Lie algebras: Pure point spectrum
    M. Keyl

  • Optimal control of hybrid optomechanical systems for generating non-classical states of mechanical motion
    V. Bergholm, W. Wieczorek, T. Schulte-Herbrueggen, M. Keyl

  • Controllability of the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model
    M. Heinze, M. Keyl

  • Reachability in infinite dimensional unital open quantum systems with switchable GKS-Lindblad generators
    F. vom Ende, G. Dirr, M. Keyl, T. Schulte-Herbrüggen

  • Continuous symmetries and approximate quantum error correction
    P. Faist, S. Nezami, V. V. Albert, G. Salton, F. Pastawski, P. Hayden, J. Preskill

  • Easing the Monte Carlo sign problem
    D. Hangleiter, I. Roth, D. Nagaj, J. Eisert

  • Lieb-Robinson bounds for open quantum systems with long-ranged interactions
    R. Sweke, J. Eisert, M. Kastner

  • Dimension reduction with mode transformations: Simulating two-dimensional fermionic condensed matter systems
    C. Krumnow, L. Veis, J. Eisert, Ö. Legeza

  • Towards overcoming the entanglement barrier when simulating long-time evolution
    C. Krumnow, J. Eisert, Ö. Legeza

  • Certified quantum randomness from untrusted light
    D. Drahi, N. Walk, M. J. Hoban, W. S. Kolthammer, J. Nunn, J. Barrett, I. A. Walmsley

  • Guaranteed recovery of quantum processes from few measurements
    M. Kliesch, R. Kueng, J. Eisert, D. Gross,
    3, 171 (2019)

  • Expressive power of tensor-network factorizations for probabilistic modeling, with applications from hidden Markov models to quantum machine learning
    I. Glasser, R. Sweke, N. Pancotti, J. Eisert, J. I. Cirac,

  • Thermodynamic implementations of quantum processes
    P. Faist. M. Berta, F. Brandao

  • Uncertainty quantification for matrix compressed sensing and quantum tomography problems
    A. Carpentier, J. Eisert, D. Gross, R. Nickl
    High Dimensional Probability VIII, 385-430 (2019)