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2020 and preprints

  • Quantum certification and benchmarking
    J. Eisert, D. Hangleiter, N. Walk, I. Roth, D. Markham, R. Parekh, U. Chabaud, E. Kashefi
    Nature Reviews Physics, in press (2020)

  • Contracting projected entangled pair states is average-case hard
    J. Haferkamp, D. Hangleiter, J. Eisert, M. Gluza
    Physical Review Research 2, 013010 (2020)

  • Quantum read-out for cold atomic quantum simulators
    M. Gluza, T. Schweigler, B. Rauer, C. Krumnow, J. Schmiedmayer, J. Eisert
    Communications Physics - Nature 3, 12 (2020)

  • Entanglement and spectra in topological many-body localized phases
    K. S. C. Decker, D. M. Kennes, J. Eisert, C. Karrasch
    Physical Review B 101, 014208 (2020)

  • Floquet engineering topological many-body localized systems
    K. S. C. Decker, C. Karrasch, J. Eisert, D. M. Kennes
    Physical Review Letters 124, 190601 (2020)

  • By-passing fluctuation theorems
    P. Boes, R. Gallego, N. H. Y. Ng, J. Eisert, H. Wilming
    Quantum 4, 231 (2020)

  • Continuous symmetries and approximate quantum error correction
    P. Faist, S. Nezami, V. V. Albert, G. Salton, F. Pastawski, P. Hayden, J. Preskill

  • Towards scalable bosonic quantum error correction
    B. M. Terhal, J. Conrad, C. Vuillot

  • Central charges of aperiodic holographic tensor network models
    A. Jahn, Z. Zimboras, J. Eisert

  • Tensor network models of AdS/qCFT
    A. Jahn, Z. Zimboras, J. Eisert

  • Bounding the resources for thermalizing many-body localized systems
    C. Sparaciari, M. Goihl, P. Boes, J. Eisert, N. H. Y. Ng

  • Dynamical structure factors of dynamical quantum simulators
    M. L. Baez, M. Goihl, J. Haferkamp, J. Bermejo-Vega, M. Gluza, J. Eisert

  • Pinned QMA: The power of fixing a few qubits in proofs
    D. Nagaj, D. Hangleiter, J. Eisert, M. Schwarz

  • Non-Pauli topological stabilizer codes from twisted quantum doubles
    J. C. M. de la Fuente, N. Tarantino, J. Eisert

  • Stationary optomechanical entanglement between a mechanical oscillator and its measurement apparatus
    C. Gut, K. Winkler, J. Hoelscher-Obermaier, S. G. Hofer, R. Moghadas Nia, N. Walk, A. Steffens, J. Eisert, W. Wieczorek, J. A. Slater, M. Aspelmeyer, K. Hammerer

  • Easing the Monte Carlo sign problem
    D. Hangleiter, I. Roth, D. Nagaj, J. Eisert

  • Dimension reduction with mode transformations: Simulating two-dimensional fermionic condensed matter systems
    C. Krumnow, L. Veis, J. Eisert, Ö. Legeza

  • Towards overcoming the entanglement barrier when simulating long-time evolution
    C. Krumnow, J. Eisert, Ö. Legeza

  • Certified quantum randomness from untrusted light
    D. Drahi, N. Walk, M. J. Hoban, W. S. Kolthammer, J. Nunn, J. Barrett, I. A. Walmsley

  • Expressive power of tensor-network factorizations for probabilistic modeling, with applications from hidden Markov models to quantum machine learning
    I. Glasser, R. Sweke, N. Pancotti, J. Eisert, J. I. Cirac,

  • Thermodynamic implementations of quantum processes
    P. Faist. M. Berta, F. Brandao

  • Optimal control of hybrid optomechanical systems for generating non-classical states of mechanical motion
    V. Bergholm, W. Wieczorek, T. Schulte-Herbrueggen, M. Keyl

  • Controllability of the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model
    M. Heinze, M. Keyl

  • Quantum control in infinite dimensions and Banach-Lie algebras: Pure point spectrum
    M. Keyl

  • Reachability in infinite dimensional unital open quantum systems with switchable GKS-Lindblad generators
    F. vom Ende, G. Dirr, M. Keyl, T. Schulte-Herbrüggen

  • Decay and recurrence of non-Gaussian correlations in a quantum many-body system
    T. Schweigler, M. Gluza, M. Tajik, S. Sotiriadis, F. Cataldini, S.-C. Ji, F. S. Møller, J. Sabino, B. Rauer, J. Eisert, J. Schmiedmayer

  • The first law of general quantum resource theories
    C. Sparaciari, L. del Rio, C. M. Scandolo, P. Faist, J. Oppenheim
    Quantum 4, 259 (2020).