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AG Stripp

Experimental Molecular Biophysics

Dr. habil. Sven T. Stripp

Arnimallee 14
Raum 1.1.39
14195 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 838 55069

Research Focus

Understanding gas-processing metalloenzymes

My name is Sven T. Stripp, I studied biology and chemistry at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. After receiving my PhD (supervisor: Thomas Happe) I moved to Freie Universität Berlin in 2010 to join the group of Joachim Heberle as a postdoc. Currently, I am pursuing my habilitation at the institute of Physical Chemistry at Freie Universität Berlin. My position as a PI is funded by the DFG priority program 1927.

Making use of operando FTIR spectroscopy, I am investigating the catalytic proceedings of metalloenzymes in small molecule activation, in particular involving gases like H2 (hydrogenase), N2 (nitrogenase), CO2 (formate dehydrogenase/ carboxylase), and O2 (terminal oxidases). These enzymes are of central importance in biology and serve as examples for the design of biomimetic catalysts.

I developed an approach to trigger the activity of metalloenzymes by quantitative gas flushes, visible light irradiation, and electrochemical potential titrations. Such experiments allow recording sensitive FTIR difference spectra that are analyzed with respect to cofactor states, protein structural changes, proton transfer, and redox chemistry.