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Science Slams

Deutsche Science Slam Meisterschaft 2021. „Wie ich Atome nach meiner Pfeife tanzen lasse“ - Sabrina Patsch is vice champion of the German Science Slam Championship 2021.


How to make atoms dance to your tune. Are you a control freak? Do you like if others dance to your tune? Then Optimal Control Theory is the topic for you! In her Science Slam, Sabrina explains how you can control the dance moves of atoms and how this can be used for coming one step closer to quantum technologies!

Science Slam Sabrina Patsch

For the German version click here.

In her Science Slam 'Waffen für Superhelden', Sabrina Patsch explains how to freeze the movement of objects by simply looking at them and how you can use this idea to fight supervillains. (German only)

In his Science Slam, Alexander Blech explains what a look in the mirror can mean and how you can deal with your aversion against cumin by using quantum control (German only)

Science Slam