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Cyclization and Relaxation Dynamics of Finite-Length Collapsed Self-Avoiding Polymers

Julian Kappler, Frank Noé, and Roland R. Netz

Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 06780

News from Feb 12, 2019

ABSTRACT: We study the cyclization and relaxation dynamics of ideal as well as interacting polymers as a function of chain length N. For the cyclization time τcyc of ideal chains we recover the known scaling τcyc∼N2 for different backbone models, for a self-avoiding slightly collapsed chain we obtain from Langevin simulations and scaling theory a modified scaling τcyc∼N5/3. The cyclization and relaxation dynamics of a finite-length collapsed chain scale differently; this unexpected dynamic multiscale behavior is rationalized by the crossover between swollen and collapsed chain behavior.

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