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Seminar in Plasmons and carbon nanostructures

InstructorProf. Dr. S. Reich, Dr. A. Setaro
Room1.1.16 (FB-Raum)

Tuesdays 10:00am


In this seminar series we want to understand plasmonic nanostructures and their interaction with carbon-based nanosystems (graphene and carbon nanotubes). We base the seminar on two papers that were recently published in the field:

M. Gläske and A. Setaro, Nanoplasmonic colloidal suspensions for the enhancement of the luminescent emission from single-walled carbon nanotubes, Nano Research 6, 593 (2013).

S. Heeg et al., Polarized Plasmonic Enhancement by Au Nanostructures Probed through Raman Scattering of Suspended Graphene, Nano Lett. 13, 301 (2013).

The students will read both papers and collect questions and ideas on the research presented. We will develop the topics for the seminar series based on this discussion.

Date Topic Student
12.11.13 Plasmons from 3D to 1D Ulrich Krause
19.11.13 Localized Surface Plasmon (general, materials) Sören Waßerroth
26.11.13 Nanoplasmonic structures: Designing electromagnetic fields Benji Börner
10.12.13 Modeling electromagnetic fields and plasmonic enhancement Farhad Arbabzadah
17.12.13 Gold for Nanoplasmonic applications: Advantages, tunablility, shapes Tom Heinrich
  Graphene: Electronic and vibrational properties  
  Carbon nanotubes: Atomic structure (chirality) and general properties  
  Luminescence of carbon nanotubes: Nanotube preparation, chirality assignment, quantum yields  
  Interaction between plasmons and nanostructures: Enhancement of optical response  
  Raman scattering in graphene: Selection rules, polarization, strain, interference with substrate  
  Surface-enhanced Raman scattering  
  Cross section for Raman scattering and plasmon-enhanced scattering  
  Biological application of plasmon-enhanced optical signals