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Diversity in the Cultures of Physics - A European Summer School Series for Women Physicists

A bilateral exchange programme for women physicists in  the final phase of their bachelor, doing their master or in the beginning of their PhD.

Group Scheich has organized several international Summer Schools for female physicist.

One important project of AG Scheich is the successful establishment of an European series of  Summer School as part of the network Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 'Diversity in the Cultures of Physics'. This is now part of Group Erlemann. Starting 2017 two Summer Schools are held every year, each of them in two different countries. For further information see here.

2019 one Summer School will take place in Berlin - Uppsala: "Diversity in the Cultures of Physcis" Summer School 2019: Berlin - Uppsala. 

The Summer Schools "Diversity in the Cultures of Phyiscs" build on the knowledge and experience generated from Summer Schools which were organized in the years before the ERASMUS+ project started.

For more information see the Concept.