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Student's seminar on quantum computing

C. Koch, W. Harneit
Thursday 12h15 (weekly), seminar room T3 (1.3.48)
Summer term 2007, starting April 19th

Course type : Theoretical / Experimental seminar
Requirements: Vordiplom physics
Optional: solid state physics, atoms & molecules, quantum mechanics II (depending on the topic)
Credits (2 ECTS) based on : Active and regular participation and preparation of at least one topic including rehearsal talk, presentation und term paper.
Description: You will benefit from this course in two different ways:
1) you will learn essential scientific skills by giving a talk in front of your colleagues about a contemporary scientific topic (and writing a term paper).
2) you will learn a lot of exciting physics.

Don't underestimate the first task! You first have to get a grasp of your topic by reading a lot of stuff that will be hard to understand on first sight. Then, you have to decide on what you want to present and how you're going to present it. Then, you have to prepare slides in powerpoint or TeX (which for at least some students is entirely new). A week before your special day, you are given the opportunity to rehearse your talk in front of the supervisors, so that your talk will be a success. Finally, a write-up (~10-15 pages) of your topic is required to get the "Schein". This constitutes a very good preparation for your thesis work at the end of your studies.

In exchange of all that hard work, you will learn the theoretical framework necessary to understand and discuss physical implementation concepts and current experimental studies in the field of quantum computing. This includes atom and ion traps, nuclear and electron spin quantum computers, quantum dots and superconductors.
(available in a special corner of the library, ask the librarian)
  • C.P. Williams, S.H. Clearwater, Explorations in Quantum Computing, Springer-Verlag (1998)
  • W. Nielsen, I.L. Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Cambridge University Press (2000)
  • D. Bouwmester et al. (Hrsg.), The Physics of Quantum Computation, Springer-Verlag (2001)
  • D. Bruss, G. Leuchs, Lectures on Quantum Information, Wiley (2006)
  • Special issue of Physik Journal, November 2005
  • Special issue of Fortschritte der Physik, 48:9-11 (2000)
  • recent journal articles depending on the topic
  • see also: ERA Quantiki homepage
No. supervisor date name topic (in German)
- - 19.04.07 Harneit / Koch Introduction
1 Harneit 26.04.07 Pablo Thier Quantenmechanische Kodierung von Information (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
2 Koch 03.05.07 Michael Goerz Rechenoperationen und elementare Algorithmen (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
3 Koch 10.05.07 Arne Gödeke Diskrete Fouriertransformation und Shor-Algorithmus (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
    17.05.07 -- Himmelfahrt --  
4 Harneit 24.05.07 Christoph Litwinski Dekohärenz und Fehlerkorrektur (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
5 Koch 31.05.07 Anton Haase Kryptographie und Quantenkommunikation (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
6 Koch 07.06.07 Fabian Borschel Allgemeine Anforderungen an die Implementierung (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
7 Koch 14.06.07 Christian Schewe Ionenfallen (Folien, Animation Paulfalle, Ausarbeitung)
8 Koch 21.06.07 Daniel Wegkamp Atome und Moleküle in optischen Fallen (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
9 Harneit 28.06.07 Jonas Mlynek Liquid-NMR, Skalierungsproblematik (Folien, Animationen 1 2 3 4 5, Ausarbeitung)
10 Harneit 05.07.07 Nora Molkenthin Phosphor in Silizium als Spinqubit (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
11 Harneit 12.07.07 Pascal Blümmel und Matthias Koch Quantendots (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
12a Harneit 19.07.07 Yevgen Goldshteyn Supraleiter I: Cooperpaar-Box (Folien, Ausarbeitung)
12b Harneit 19.07.07 Paul Stoll Supraleiter II: Dauerstrom-Qubit (Folien, Ausarbeitung)